Where is Chhattisgarh located?
Chhattisgarh is located in central east of India surrounded by 6 states M.P, A.P, Jharkand, Maharastra, Orissa and U.P Before 2000 it was part of M.P. It was bifurcated from Madhya Pradesh in 1 Nov 2000 with its capital Raipur.
Is there any reason behind name of Chhattisgarh State ? Why do we call it Chhattisgarh ?
What are the specialty of Chhattisgarh State ?
Chhattisgarh State is famous for what ?
What is the best time to visit Chhattisgarh ?
Where can I get more information on Chhattisgarh?
What are the ways of getting to Chhattisgarh?
How is the condition of Roads in Chhattisgarh ?
Where can I get maps of Chhattisgarh?
What should I wear ...? (Provide climate description whole year trough)
What should I carry...?
Is it wise to get travel insurance for my travel to Chhattisgarh?

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