Chhattisgarh comes under the hot Torrid Zone and probably that's why the state observes tropical type of climate. Though weather varies from region to region, it's warm in most of the places. Like any other part of India, Chhattisgarh enjoys three seasons, summers, winters, and monsoons. During summers (April-June), the temperature sometimes goes up to 45°C (max) whilst the sun shines brightly over heads.Late in the month of June, Monsoons (July-September) arrive in the state as a respite from the scorching heat. Chhattisgarh receives pretty decent amount of rainfall with an average of 1292 mm. Since it falls under the rice-agro-climatic zone, rainfall proves to be the main source of irrigation. A significant variation in the annual rainfall adversely affects the harvest. In October, cool breeze envelops the entire state as if heralding the arrival of winters. The winter season (November-February) doesn't necessarily mean wearing loads of woolens in Chhattisgarh. At this time, the temperature even drops down to 10°C. Light woolens are usually enough to deal with winters in the state, however, heavy woolens are required in hilly areas. Otherwise, light cotton clothing is best for most of the time. Seeing the weather conditions, the months from October to March offers the best time to visit Chhattisgarh.

Chhattisgarh has many things in its treasure trove to keep the attention of its travelers unchanged. Moreover, what also contributes towards this on a massive scale is its climate. Climate in Chhattisgarh needs to be credited for remaining salubrious throughout the year. However, there is always a particular time span when we can see a considerable growth in tourist footfall. The best time to visit Chhattisgarh, India indisputably is October to March.


Yummilicious steamed dumplings! The tastier and healthiest dish prepared in the land of Chhattisgarh. Muthia is served as breakfast in most rural regions, during the winters. Much goes in the preparation of Muthia is prepared with rice batter, made into dumplings hard boiled and seasoned with the spices and assortments available in Chhattisgarhi soil. Since it doesn’t spoil away soon without any refrigeration, it is consumed by the peasants in the noon, working on the farms

Red cinte chapdha

Bastars tribal people with food in the sauce-red Chinte Chapdha is considered especially delicious and medicinal. Found in the forest red Chinta Chapdha called. Use this sauce to eat with great relish by the rural Bstria  Chapdha Lohandigudha rural town resident said tomatoes, coriander and chili from Mirsn Chapdha is the delicious sauce.According to the villagers from taking malaria and dengue disease is cured. It is believed that ordinary fever usually sit under rural tree Chapdha Red Chiton are Ktwate themselves, it is fever. Chapdha tribal sauce essentially contains food. Bastar in abundance in hot markets Chapdha Rs 5 is sold in mourning. Visiting rural forest tree Gamchha, spread a cloth loudly shaking branches, which fall under Chinten Jdkr collecting them, brought the market to sell.

Angakar roti

The Morning’s breakfast is from Chhattisgarh,Rice being the staple cultivation there,one would find it used extensively.This recipe Angakar roti,is very similar to the extremely popular Akki roti prepared in karnataka.A Simple rice based dish from the tribal group of the state.Angakar Roti/Rice Roti,hand flattened roti made with rice it takes hardly 15-20 mints .Chusela

Chusela is kind of rice poori. Made from plain rice flour poori, deep fried in oil. These pooris  are supposes to be last for 2 days and essentially carried during traveling.

Dehati vada

These vada are made up of urad dal (urad dal paste) for making it more tasty onion,green chillies,ginger,coriander leaves are added. Frying them till it is golden brown best served with evening tea and with  any chutney or sauce.

Rice pakora

These rice pakora have a crisp texture from out and soft from within,they are so good,that you won’t come to know that these pakoras are made from rice.It can be made by some lateover rice. These rice pakoras are quick to prepare and make for a nice brunch or evening tea snack best served with green chutney or tomato sauce or dry onion-garlic chutney

Chhattisgarhi Kadhi Pakoda

Kadhi Pakoda or Kadhi Pakora is incredible side dish with steamed rice and arranged in different system crosswise over different states in India. Fundamental besan, yogurt blend stays same however the seasoning contrasts in the greater part of the kadhi formulas obviously not considering Sindhi Kadhi in which yogurt is not utilized. Kadhi pakora or as we call it kadhi chawal since typically kadhi is presented with steamed rice or jeera rice for a delightful and solace dinner.


Tilghur is a sweet ball, prepared from sesame seeds dip in dark jaggery mix, with roasted peanuts. The same is also known Til Ke Laddoo. This sweet ball is usually made in the Makar Sankranti festival of the Hindus and is a special treat in the state of Chhattisgarh.

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